• Terms and Conditions


  1. Barham Upholstery reserves the right, to refuse to use any material deemed unsuitable or deemed unworkable in my opinion.
  2. Barham Upholstery can refuse to undertake any works, even after a quote or agreed on starting date, if the material is deemed unsuitable or unworkable, as stated above or the customer wants to make changes to the original design.
  3. Customers are required to check their material for faults, colour matches and design or to have there material checked by their supplier before passing it onto Barham Upholstery. Any faults found in the material once used or cut, shall be replaced at the customers expense and also the additional labor to replace the fualt, shall be paid for by the customer.
  4. The customer agrees to allow Barham Upholstery to change the design or finish of the upholstery unless written instructions are supplied to the contrary.
  5. Finishes such as braids, studs are not included in the quoted price. Springs are not included in the quoted price unless stated otherwise. Frame repairs are not included in the price and will be carried out by a 3rd party and subject to the third parties terms and conditions
  6. Viewing while work is in progress is subject to an appointment and within working hours.
  7. Barham Upholstery’s premises are classed as a workshop, therefore it has items such as nails and staples on the floor. It is the customers responsibility to wear appropriate footwear and any items such as nails, staples, items with glue or anything that attaches, penetrates or damages the footwear is the responsibility of the wearer to repair or replace.
  8. Barham Upholstery reserves the right to use pictures of the furniture, in original state, work in progress or completed Upholstery. For the use in advertisement, web site, social media or any other form with regards to promoting the business and/or the skills of the upholsterer.
  9. These terms and conditions can by changed at anytime and subject to immediate effect.